About The NEIRC

.your expanded regional industry association which includes cleaners of carpet and upholstery, those who provide janitorial services, restorers of fire and water damage, carpet claims inspectors and associate members.

…from the one person operation to the large service restoration firm and maintenance companies you will find an NEIRC member.

….provides the opportunity to become better educated, keep current with industry change, and discuss mutual concerns with other industry members.

….was founded in February 1953 and was 50 years old in 2003. Armen Dohanian of Bon Ton Rug Cleaners, Watertown, MA, one of the founding fathers, wanted to bring professional cleaners together to build friendships and share knowledge of the cleaning and restoration profession. Although the world has changed dramatically since that time, the NEIRC still practices the founding fathers principles.

….membership gives you many opportunities to network with other cleaning and restoration professionals. We exchange new and old ideas, lasting friendships and conversation at frequent dinner meetings.