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How to Build a Professional Network of Carpet Cleaners

Taking the time to build a professional network with other carpet cleaners can often pay huge returns on your business. No, networking isn’t just something that is utilized for multi-level marketing schemes. Networking is also a legitimate method for building your business reputation, expanding your contacts, gaining new clients or customers, finding new partners, or finding bright new employees to join your team.

How do you go about building your professional network?

One of the best ways to start is by going to or participating in trade shows and cleaning conventions. When you attend and participate in these events, you will likely meet other professionals in the same field who are just as passionate about the cleaning industry, how to improve cleaning processes, and how to build a professional cleaning business. Trade shows and conferences are definitely a good way to start. Meet with people, have conversations with them, and express genuine interest in their take on carpet cleaning methods and processes.

Once you have built a basic network of like-minded carpet cleaning professionals, it may be time to take it to the next step. Make this into an active network by making referrals, asking for referrals, establishing a product distribution or supply chain by purchasing carpet cleaning equipment and products wholesale direct from trusted manufacturers, and of course, having conversations with those in your network.

Ultimately, however, what can make or break a successful professional network lies in our communications with each other. How do you talk to others in the same industry as yours? Do you offer resources as much as you gain from others? Are you as willing to help out others as much as you would appreciate the occasional assistance from others, as well?