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Is “Going Green” a Good Business Move for Carpet Cleaners?

If you have a carpet cleaning business that has been up and running for years, with a good clientele and responsible workers, do you need to make that jump to “going green”? After all, business has so far been good, right?

There are several advantages to going green which you might consider. First, any successful business must learn to roll with the tides, and these days, the watchword is “green.” People are gaining greater awareness of the impact of human activities on the environment, and that also includes carpet cleaning. It is a good thing for people to be more mindful of how they treat the world around them, and people might appreciate businesses that embrace this shift in thinking as much as they do.

Secondly, there is a legitimate ground for the concern in shifting to green processes in carpet cleaning. Improper disposal of carpet cleaning wastewater, for instance, has led to toxic chemicals making their way into our oceans. Carpet cleaning chemicals were reportedly found in the digestive contents of marine life. Carpet cleaning solutions were designed to clean dirt and dust, not to be ingested. Going green is a great way for businesses to take a step up in their social responsibilities and acknowledge that they, too, have a stake in maintaining the health of the planet.

Lastly, green carpet cleaning methods may be better cleaning agents. For one thing, they are safer to use around homes, especially homes with children, pets, and individuals with allergies. You certainly don’t want people to be exposed to the residue of toxic cleaning chemicals. Plant-based cleaning agents may also be less harsh on carpet fibers and texture as compared to chemical-based cleaners, which means that you are even helping to prolong the life of your client’s carpets.

Read more about green carpet cleaning methods: http://www.iicrc.org/what-green-carpet-cleaning-certification-a-121.html