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Networking among Carpet Cleaners: Cooperation or Competition?

Bringing together professionals working in the same industry, carpet cleaners, for instance, can be an interesting study in the dynamics of human relationships. Will there be greater competition or cooperation among a network of identical professionals?

Some healthy competition may be expected. After all, businesses strive to do better by offering better services or better packages to its customers compared to their competitors. As a result, cleaning processes and methods are continuously being improved, and prices lowered, all to the benefit of the consumer. Not many carpet cleaners realize that all the healthy competition that is forcing them to stay at the top of their game are beneficial for their business and industry, as well. Certainly, they won’t want to be still performing their services down on their hands and knees with a soap bucket and brush. Carpet cleaning developments and innovations that have been brought about by healthy market competition bring benefits not just to the customers, but also to the carpet cleaning professional, as well.

Cooperation is also not unheard of among a network of similar professionals. In professional organizations or associations, the association can offer its members the opportunity to learn new cleaning methods, new technology, or new ways to improve and manage their business. After all, the best persons to help improve carpet cleaning as an industry are the carpet cleaners themselves, by helping each other out.

So yes, there can be both cooperation and competition in networking relationships among carpet cleaners, but these need not always be a bad thing.