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New Developments in the Carpet Cleaning Industry

It is always exciting to discover or learn about new developments in an industry in which you work and feel passionate about. And certainly, the carpet cleaning industry is a far cry from what it was years ago when the usual means of carpet cleaning was using a carpet sweeper or beating a rug outdoors.

These days, modern carpet cleaners have access to various methods and carpet cleaning equipment that is designed to provide deep and thorough cleaning in the shortest possible time. Let’s take a look at one industry development that may not exactly be “new” in the sense that they have never been heard of before, but which does provide a better alternative for carpet cleaning processes.

Dry carpet cleaning technology

It seemed that unless you wanted to stick to a simple sweep, the only way to give your carpets a thorough cleaning was to use soap, water, and a bunch of chemicals. These may provide deep and thorough cleaning, especially if you utilized steam or heat. But it also spelled a huge downtime in the time that it took carpets to dry, and having a wet carpet in itself may cause its own problems.

Dry carpet cleaning technology aims to solve all that. There are chemical based dry cleaning agents that work by attracting and encapsulating dirt, dust and other pollutants that may have dug its way deep into the carpets. Afterwards, the polymers which comprise these dry cleaning agents crystallize, making them easy to vacuum afterward, including the dirt and dust that they have pulled out from deep within the carpet.