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Recent Changes in Carpet Cleaning Trends

As we start off a new year, it may be interesting to look back and see how carpet cleaning trends have changed in recent years. Not only is this an interesting study in itself, but it may also give us an idea of what we can look forward to in the years to come.

  • Increased demand for green carpet cleaning

Unpredictable weather changes, global warming, melting ice caps, endangered species, unhealthy drinking water, and unbreathable air – all these environmental changes have made people more aware of the need for us to lessen the impact that our actions have on the environment. That includes the carpet cleaning industry, where carpet cleaning solutions were traditionally chemical-based, chemicals which are potentially harmful to the environment.

With this growing concern for the environment, people are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives in almost all industries: power and electricity generation, manufacturing processes, a reduction in the use of non-biodegradable materials, and of course, eco-friendly carpet cleaning processes and products.

As an interesting aside, there are now also available “green carpets” which are made from natural materials as opposed to synthetic, artificial fibers.

Having a carpet can be tricky: studies have shown that carpet floorings can improve indoor air quality because it acts as a kind of filter for the dirt, dust, and other pollutants that may otherwise drift through a home.

On the other hand, a poorly-maintained and poorly-cleaned carpet, or a carpet containing dirt, dust, and other allergens, or cleaning residue, may have the opposite effect, and severely compromise the health of the persons living in the house by negatively affecting the indoor air quality of your home.

Bottom line, If you are going to have carpet flooring, make sure that you stay on top of your regular carpet cleaning needs.